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Homemade Sweet Potato Tortillas

Mahi mahi tacos with homemade sweet potato tortillas for lunch today! Thank you Gina for the inspiration and @justtryingtobelectinfree for the recipe! 🙏🏽

Homemade tortillas are so incredibly easy to make, I had to share the love! Like this post and comment your favorite taco ingredients. Winner will receive a tortilla press, parchment paper & cassava flour shipped to their house! Just add sweet potatoes! 😄🍠

For the mahi, I seasoned with @sietefoods taco seasoning, sprinkle of salt, and avocado oil. Then squeezed some fresh lime juice over it! So tasty! 🌮

Also, got some delicious cilantro microgreens from @heirloomgardensatl! The perfect topping for tacos and guacamole. Such a great #farmersmarketfind! Hope everyone is having a great week! ☀️💚


2 cups sweet potato, cooked, cooled, and peeled (*the smaller, sweeter the potato, the better!)

1 cup or less cassava flour

1/2 tsp salt

Avocado oil spray


  1. Mash sweet potatoes and salt in a large bowl. Add cassava flour incrementally until a dough forms. Try to use only enough cassava flour to hold everything together, that way the sweet potato taste shines through!

  2. Break off golf ball size pieces of dough and roll in your hands. Place dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper in a tortilla press, and press into tortilla.

  3. Cook tortilla in a a pan sprayed with avocado oil on medium high heat. Should only need a few minutes on each side, until they start to brown.

  4. Store in a tortilla keeper or lidded bowl until ready to use. Enjoy!

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